Strategic 32

Strategic 32

Making Public Affairs Personal

Building relationships for over two decades.

Headquartered in Northern California, Strategic 32 represents a diverse client base in the Bay Area that includes local municipalities, developers, school districts, non-profits and utility companies. Our firm has a strong track record of driving projects to success through collaboration and communication. We specialize in creating strategies around community engagement, government relations, charitable partnerships and brand enhancement. We save our clients time and money by breaking down political roadblocks at cultivating local community support to achieve our client goals. The public, private, and non-profit expertise we bring to any project is unmatched, and has created great success for our clients.

We welcome clients who have a true passion for their projects and respect the community they reside. Building a legacy is always our goal and we know that can only happen by building genuine trust. At Strategic 32 we take a personable approach to each of our projects and give our clients the support that best works for their style.



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Areas of Expertise


We save our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars by expediting the approval process for complex development projects. Through our established relationships and ability to cultivate a wide-range of support we can push for a simplified schedule that saves time and money.


Strategic 32 can help position company messaging into the demographic that will expand your business. Weather you need a story pitched or trying to enhance your brand, Strategic 32 can provide simple, yet effective, ways to establish your goals.


With over 20 years of experience in State, County, and City government, Strategic 32 brings a highly unique perspective to our clients. We are proud to utilize these established connections in both the planning and implementation of any client project.


Strategic 32 understands the diverse community dynamic of the Bay Area. Through our business connections, political expertise to our non-profit relationships, we can offer a specialized engagement strategy that bring public awareness and support to your project.


We design and implement strategic philanthropic campaigns to help our clients establish local community ties. These ties lead to overwhelming company recognition and help define your organization as solid member of the customer and community you serve.


With over two decades of experience on state and local Boards and Commissions, Strategic 32 has found success through bringing these groups together to collaborate on projects that are important to the community. By utilizing these relationships, new partnerships and support can be achieved for our clients.